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Ward off evil spirits meaning

Evil Eye charm is also well-reputed to protect you against harm from people with ill intentions. That includes jealous friends, colleagues and competitors that want to put you down. Display one on your working table in the office to mitigate this situation. It also protects you from anyone that does not have genuinely good intentions.

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Some believe gargoyles on a church were meant to ward off evil; it's also possible that the gargoyles symbolized evil spirits, monstrous entities, and damned souls. The thinking was that the church offered spiritual safety for those who accepted its authority, but outside the church was spiritual danger.

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You can place the Evil Eye at the main door or windows to guard against negative energy or deflect any Sha Qi outside the house. It works similarly to the Ba Gua Mirror. Besides that, people believe that it can help to ward off evil spirits, so the symbol is best displayed at the main entrance door.

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Dreams of such celebration Bells may signify a sacred union, a merging of our opposing male and female sides. These dreams can remind us of the very best that being alive is about. Bells can be joyous, celebration or even sacred. But Bells can be warnings, a call to action, a call for help or a symbol of passing.

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Oregano - If oregano grows near a home, it is said to protect that house from evil. Oregano is also great in death work. The ancient Greeks believed that if oregano grew on a grave, the deceased was happy in the afterlife. Parsley - The Romans wore parsley during weddings to ward off evil spirits. Burning sage is a spiritual ritual practiced by native peoples around the world. The specific practice of burning sage is not mentioned in the Bible, though God did instruct Moses to prepare a blend of herbs and spices to burn as an incense offering. Also known as smudging, the practice of burning sage is done as part of a ritual which involves.

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